Bucketeers is a mobile drum school and the brainchild of drummer/teacher/author Andy Ziker (Certified Teacher K-8, Multi-Subject in CA and AZ). Applying a color-coded system to five-gallon buckets allows children to learn the art of percussion as young as three years old. Starting with one neighborhood school, the program has now grown to several campuses across the Bay Area and has recently expanded to Georgetown, Texas.

Bucket drumming provides a unique, fun learning environment for children. It allows them to:

  • Collaborate while developing self-expression
  • Learn to play a variety of rhythms patterns
  • Develop hand-eye and foot-eye coordination
  • Increase self-discipline and active listening
  • Gain an understanding of melody and syllables
  • Provide a steady beat/pulse along with recorded music (both pop and children’s music)
  • Perform in front of an audience

Now serving 170 students in two states and seven cities.

What People Are Saying About Bucketeers

Bucketeers have been a wonderful addition to our program! Andy teaches at both our Primary and elementary campuses. The kids have a great time and look forward to Andy's weekly visits. His expertise, patience, and enthusiasm spark a tremendous passion for music in each child, resulting in a foundational platform that expands their knowledge in the world of music. I would highly recommend including Bucketeers to any program!

Karen Bamberg, Primary Guide/Site Supervisor, One World Montessori School

This is our first year to bring in the Bucketeers program, and we are happy to say that it really worked out well with our children. The lessons are easy to follow and our children have learned quickly and honed their eye-hand coordination through using the color-coded buckets and the entertaining and fun songs. Mr. Andy’s gentle demeanor suits our Montessori way of managing the class.  Music always makes children happy and Mr. Andy’s Bucketeers class is a fun way to do so!

Sadaf Syed, Teacher at Good Neighbor Montessori (Palo Alto, CA)

My son is now 5 yrs old and he has been learning from Andy for the past 2 years. Particularly for this age group (3 - 6) that requires a lot of movement, he incorporates fun songs like "What Does The Fox Say,” where they can jump/step to the beat along with stick clicks. He has a great song collection that kids love to drum along to. A big plus is that he posts the drumming instructions for each of the songs on YouTube, which helps my son practice at home. Andy's year-end performances touch us deeply. He pulls these shows together with lot of effort and practice from the kids.

Bindu Neelakantan

Our children have been fortunate enough to have spent the last two years bucket drumming with Andy. They both look forward to their class each week and often ask, "Is it drumming today"? Andy is patient, keeps things exciting and helps the children remain focused. He incorporates colors, ABC's, numbers and physical movement in each class. My son has since moved on to private drum lessons with Andy and loves it. Bucket drumming, who knew? Thanks Andy!

Emilie and Chris Canard

Andy has been giving after-school Bucket Drumming classes at One World Montessori School for three years now. He started in the Primary locations. His students graduated to elementary and he began teaching afternoon classes here this year. The children enjoy their time beating on the buckets. They are enthusiastic learners who have a great time learning rhythm!

Gioia Ingram, Office Manager, One World Montessori Elementary

My 2 and 4 year old girls have been attending the Bucketeers for almost a year now. For the past 6 months, I have been attending as well. Drumming with the little ones is something that I look forward to every Thursday. We have found Andy to be engaging and curteous to the little ones. Andy has a talent to meet the kids where they are developmentally. Regardless of the age of your child the Bucketeers program has something for you.

Roberta Wang