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Bucketeers For Schools

Bucketeers for Schools brings a colorful symphony of learning to your classroom, leveraging our innovative color-coded system to teach children the art of percussion. From preschool through high school, we’re here to spark creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, and build a solid foundation in rhythm. Our engaging lessons are perfectly tailored to fit into the school day or after-school programs, and even offer the excitement of one-time assembly visits. It’s more than just music; it’s a journey through diverse beats from around the world that culminates in a thrilling end-of-semester performance.

Bucket Parties

Unleash the rhythm of celebration with Bucket Parties! Perfect for those seeking an interactive, music-filled event, our bucket parties marry fun and education in a unique way. Children and adults alike can delight in drumming to their favorite tunes, creating an atmosphere of shared joy and discovery. We bring the equipment, you bring the enthusiasm, and together we make a party that sings with excitement and leaves everyone with lasting memories.

Corporate Events

Transform your corporate gatherings with Bucketeers Corporate Events. Our program goes beyond traditional team-building activities by offering a unique, hands-on drumming experience. Foster creativity, collaboration, and unity among your employees as they jam along to their favorite tunes and discover the exhilaration of performing music together. Available in the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, TX, it’s not just a corporate event, it’s an unforgettable rhythmic journey that hits the right notes for team cohesion and stress reduction.

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