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Feel the Beat: Empowering Students with the Joy of Percussion

Bucketeers uses an innovative color-coded system applied to five-gallon buckets to allow children to learn & experience the art of percussion. Special multi-rod drumsticks help keep the volume down. Benefits include forging a foundation in rhythm, playing with a steady pulse, learning a variety of patterns, participating in collaborative movement activities, developing hand-eye coordination, and building self-discipline and attentional focus. Students play along with a diverse set of music: children’s, pop, rock, jazz, and multi-genre songs in several languages incorporating beats and patterns from around the world. Each class doubles as a rehearsal building towards an end-of-semester performance in front of friends and family.

Bucketeers In Action

Adaptable and Accessible: Bucketeers for All Students and Schedules

We mostly serve preschool through 5th grade students, but can also teach middle and high school. Bucketeers is available during the school day and as an after-school program. Classes are often held once a week and organized in sessions (several consecutive weeks of instruction). Session length varies depending on the needs of each school community.

NEW—One-time visits (assemblies) are also now available. Bucketeers instructors arrive in the morning and teach multiple classes per day. Over the course of several days or weeks, every child in the school can experience the joy of music

Quality Standards for Expanded Learning Programs in California

California AfterSchool Network, Final Release, September 2014

  • Safe and Supportive Environment

    Bucketeers provides a safe environment that supports the developmental, social-emotional, and physical needs of all students.
  • Active and Engaged Learning

    Our core of our program is built upon active and engaged learning.
  • Skill Building

    Bucketeers incorporates the following 21 Century Skills: Creativity | Collaboration | Communication | Initiative | Productivity | Social skills
  • Diversity, Access and Equity

    The program embrace diversity and equity across the board.
  • Quality Staff

    Bucketeers recruits and high quality staff and provides ongoing professional development based on assessed staff needs.
  • Clear Vision, Mission and Purpose

    The program has a clearly defined vision, mission, goals, and measurable outcomes that drives program design, implementation and improvement.
  • Collaborative Partnerships

    Bucketeers intentionally builds and supports collaborative relationships among internal and external stakeholders, including families, schools, and community, to achieve program goals.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

    The program uses data from multiple sources to assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to continuously improve program design, outcomes and impact.
  • Program Management

    The program has sound fiscal and administrative practices supported by well-defined and documented policies and procedures.

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